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We launched Scriber in open beta a little over a month ago and have been really thrilled with the number of content creators who have signed up and are using our product to inform their readers about financial markets, macroeconomics, politics and more.

In this Product@Scriber publication, we will be focusing on all aspects of the product here at Scriber: our roadmap, our process, feedback from content creators and much more. We will be previewing upcoming features, highlighting some of the things we’re working on and thinking about.

But before we get to that, here’s a little Scriber history.

From internal tool to global product

Scriber was spun out of the technology lab at Tellimer, an Emerging Markets focused insights business. In growing that business, we came to understand that while investment analysts, editors and commentators know markets, they don’t necessarily have the technical expertise to produce, distribute, analyse and monetise their insights via their own creator stack—at least not without a bunch of different 3rd-party tools and some hands-on engineering support.

As a FinTech firm focused on distributing hard-to-find insights to some of world’s largest asset management firms, banks and governments, Tellimer had to build a unified set of technical products that many financial research firms—let alone individual analysts—simply didn’t have the time, budget or expertise to build. This meant that we:

  • Spent a lot of time building the technical connectivity to different financial information platforms.

  • Developed a robust, multi-channel analytics pipeline that informs all analysts about the posts, topics, companies, and clients that are delivering the most readership.

  • Built an intuitive content editor on top of market reference data so that published posts could be discovered—across many channels—by investors in those markets.

And so, earlier this year, we decided to open up Scriber to anyone with insights about markets, macro, politics—or anyone who wants to connect with an audience interested in these topics—leveraging the technical work that we had already carried out at Tellimer.

In essence, we built the creator stack for financial content.

Now, what’s next?

The public beta out now is modest in its scope but we will be shipping a number of comprehensive features over the coming months that will set us apart for financial content creators. At the end of this quarter we will start rolling out subscription and payment management, allowing creators to charge for access to their publications.

We will preview this upcoming release, along with some of theexciting things we have on the roadmap for Q3, in a series of future posts. We are iteratively taking the parts of the product suite we built for Tellimer and adapting them for general use here at Scriber—all based on direct creator feedback and the expertise we have amassed running Tellimer.

We’re so exciting to be able to share our product with you and we look forward to hearing from you about what you’d like to see us work on next. Get in touch with us at with comments and feedback and, if you haven’t already, sign up for free to join our growing network of financial content creators.