Release v0.2.0 of Scriber, which went live over the weekend, marks an important step on our journey to help creators turn their valuable insights into successful subscription businesses. We’ve been in the lab for the past few months working on how best to support subscription management and handling payments for insights businesses, and we think you’ll love what we have in store.

Getting paid

To start getting paid, you’ll first need to get set up with a Stripe account (if you don’t have one already). Creating an account with Stripe only takes about five minutes and ensures that we can receive payments from your subscribers and send them to your bank account securely.

Once you’ve linked your Stripe account with Scriber, you’ll be able to set your price for monthly and annual subscriptions, along with a description of what subscribers can expect to get when signing up to your paid plan.

As payments are handled via Stripe Connect, you will own your customer payments just like you own all of your post data and subscribers.

When a subscriber signs up for your paid tier, Scriber takes a flat 7% fee, with no hidden additional charges. We reimburse back to you any fees associated with collecting payments on your behalf.


Now that you have your paid subscription tier all set up, when you create a new post, you’ll be able to decide who should be able to access it.

When you write a post for paid subscribers only, you can decide how much of the text—if any—is visible to visitors or free subscribers on the web by dragging the paywall divider line up or down the post body.

Post editor with paywall enabled
Content above the paywall divider is visible to everyone. Everything below it is only visible to paid subscribers.

When a visitor or free tier subscriber views a paid post on the web, they’ll see a paywall wherever you placed it in your post.

A paid post as viewed by a visitor or free tier subscriber on the web.

One-click payments

The checkout process for subscribers is very straightforward. Once they enter their card details to subscribe to any publication on Scriber, their payment method is saved to their profile, meaning that they can subscribe to any subsequent publication with a one-click payment.

One-click payments are supported once a subscriber initially enters their card details.

When a subscriber signs up to a paid subscription, their subscription amount, billing period, and total spend are viewable in your Scriber account.

A subscriber’s total spend and payment amount and billing period information are viewable in your Scriber account.

And more coming soon…

While we have been heads down on this major upgrade for the past few months, we have some exciting things in the pipeline over the next month, when we will be adding support for lots of new content elements in the post editor—so you can drop interactive charts, embedded tweets, subscribe buttons, and much more into your posts with ease. More on that anon.