Building community and sharing success

We know our creators all belong to a broader community of people with expertise and interest in the investment space — the eclectic, curious, and analytically-minded community we at Scriber are here to serve. Members of this community come across one another on finance or crypto Twitter, they host each other on podcasts, they subscribe to each other’s newsletters. Nearly all great writers and thinkers are themselves subscribers to other people’s blogs and newsletters.

So, in response to users’ suggestions, we are today introducing a referral program whereby any Scriber creator who refers another creator who goes on to monetize their work via Scriber can share in their success. We will pay creators for successful referrals from our own (we think very reasonable) 7% fee (remember we reimburse all your payment fees as well).

How it works

Creators can refer other creators by manually putting the Scriber team in touch with someone from their network or just by having a confirmed subscriber of theirs go on to become a Scriber creator.

Once the referred creator gets up and running on Scriber with a paid subscription tier, the person who referred them is entitled to a payment from us equivalent to 1% of that creator’s earnings, paid entirely out of Scriber’s fee (not the creator’s). Users can earn up to $100,000 per creator they refer and can refer as many creators as they’d like.

Creators → Subscribers → Creators

As part of their publication setup process, creators import their existing subscribers (if they have any) to their Scriber account. Then, as they publish new posts and grow their audience, new users are introduced to the Scriber ecosystem. If any of these subscribers then go on to become a Scriber creator, they are considered to have been referred to Scriber by the original creator.

Creators can also always contact us at to recommend someone from their network who might be interested in becoming a creator. Then, when we set that person up with a Scriber account, they will automatically qualify as a referral.

Payment schedule and eligibility

We will make referral payments on a semi-annual basis to applicable creators. To receive a referral payment, each creator will need to set up a connected Stripe account by completing the getting paid step of the onboarding process. To remain eligible to receive referral payments, applicable creators will need to still be publishing on Scriber routinely and in accordance with our terms and content rules.

Here’s to you…

We’ve been blown away by the passion our creators have brought to this product in such a short period of time, and this referral program is our attempt to reward these passionate early adopters. As always, if you have any questions about this program or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address above or via Scriber itself.